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Electronic Assembly Products, Inc. (EAP) is a manufacturers’ representative organization established in October 1995.  The company specializes in selling assembly equipment and supplies to companies involved with electronic assembly.  EAP’s customer base includes the following industries: aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial products, medical and military.

Personnel Background

Mr. James Lyndon, an individual with more than a decade of experience in the electronics industry, owns and operates Electronic Assembly Products, Inc.  Mr. Lyndon has a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University.  His career started as a Hybrid Engineer for Analog Devices’ Microelectronics Division.  After four years, he transferred to Analog Devices’ Industrial Products Division where he maintained and improved the SMT and Thru-hole processes.  His last engineering position was as a process engineer for Bourns’ Resistor Network Division.  He has worked as a Manufacturers’ Representative since October 1995.

Ms. Rebecca Sandusky is employed as the office manager.


Electronic Assembly Products, Incorporated will only represent principals dedicated to high quality. Each principal must enhance EAP’s ability to service its customers without competing with existing lines.  EAP will aggressively market all of its product lines. Please see the attached line card for details.  


Electronic Assembly Products, Inc. covers the following states:  Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

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